What are some ways to prevent back pain?

blue-back-painMaintaining a healthy diet allows the spine to receive the nutrients it requires for good health. There’s nothing wrong with eating snack or junk foods occasionally. Problems arise, however, when we turn to such foods frequently. The calorie load from snack foods tends to be high and the nutrient value is either low or nonexistent.

If you still smoke, look into quitting. Smoking impairs blood flow. When blood flow is impaired, that keeps oxygen and nutrients from reaching the tissues of the spine.

The typical American lifestyle is far too sedentary. Our backs benefit when we take a break from sitting to walk around or exercise. Try taking 100 brisk steps every hour on the hour.

Good ergonomics at the workstation helps the back. Many people hunch over their keyboards or reach for the mouse in a way that stresses the shoulder, neck and/or back. The mouse should always sit only a couple of inches from the keyboard.

Remember to warm up before indulging in physical activities like gardening or exercising.

When lifting something, bend the knees and keep the object close to the body. Above all, do not twist the body while

When moving a heavy object, don’t pull. Push, instead.

Let comfort be your guide when choosing the shoes you wear all day. Low-heeled shoes are best for posture and the back.

When shopping for a mattress, look for one that’s of medium firmness to give your spine the proper support.

A program of regular exercise will help to prepare the back and your muscles to respond in healthy, pain-free ways.