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Lazy Backs in Leesburg, VA the Cause of Low Back Pain?

We know Loudoun County ranks number 1 as the richest county in America! It’s obvious we’re hard workers! But I’m guessing we might just rank number one for low back pain too! Most people in Loudoun County commute an average of 32 miles one way. We all know a 32-mile commute takes at least […]

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FREE Chiropractic Consult or Foot Scan

APRIL 2017 SPECIALS – Get Your FREE Chiropractic Consult or Foot Scan!

Are your feet feeling tired and painful again today? Come in for a state-of-the-art digital foot scan so that we can evaluate and come up with a plan to reduce the pain and help you start feeling better.

Teens who are active in sports […]

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Create Healthy Habits at Work

3 Tips for Better Posture

Up to 80% of the population will experience back problems; it is one of the most common reasons for missed work and is the single leading cause of disability worldwide.
American Chiropractic Association.

1 – ALIGN your head:
Sit upright.
Keep your eyes level with the […]

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Correct posture

Posture is important for a strong and stable body. Learn how to check for correct posture, to instantly appear strong, confident, and more fit. View video now

Bad posture can be a vicious cycle. Poor posture leads to back pain which leads to even worse posture and even more back pain. It’s time to break […]

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It’s “Back to School” for the Kids and We Can Help!

back to school tips*PROPER BACKPACK CHECKS





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Essential Oil Blends for Muscle Discomfort

Essential oils can be helpful with spinal structure and posture. At Basics First Chiropractic we focus on four essential oil blends when we want to help soothe and relax muscular discomfort.

  • Blend 1: Key ingredients include basil, cypress, grapefruit, lavender, marjoram, and peppermint. The primary benefits are soothed and relaxed muscles.
  • Blend […]
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Get Your Complimentary Posture Scan Today!

May is Posture Awareness Month and we are offering a complimentary posture scan. Posture scans reveal important information based on your stance. An uneven or unbalanced stance puts greater pressure on the ankles, hips and lower back. This gives us the information we need to find the areas of your body that need attention. […]

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Our New Chiropractic Video

Enjoy our latest Chiropractic Video!

Our focus here at Basics First is to help you manage your pain naturally.

Your visit will begin with a thorough orthopedic neurological examination.
We’ll also do a posture assessment because we know we can not only help you feel better but we can help you look better too.
Your treatment will include […]

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5 Posture Exercise Classes for only $30

man-pushupsTake a Group of 5 Posture Exercise Classes for only $30.

Call us to schedule your group of classes today! (703) 777-2532

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Back Pain Prevention

What are some ways to prevent back pain?

blue-back-painMaintaining a healthy diet allows the spine to receive the nutrients it requires for good health. There’s nothing wrong with eating snack or junk foods occasionally. Problems arise, however, when we turn to such foods frequently. The […]

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