Posture is important for a strong and stable body. Learn how to check for correct posture, to instantly appear strong, confident, and more fit. View video now

Bad posture can be a vicious cycle. Poor posture leads to back pain which leads to even worse posture and even more back pain. It’s time to break the cycle!

Here are some tips:

When seated, keep your head straight and not tilted up or down. Keep shoulders back. Sit with your knees slightly lower than your hips. Keep feet flat on the floor.

When standing, keep shoulders back and aligned. Use stomach muscles to keep your body straight. Bend your knees slightly to ease the pressure on your hips. Don’t stick your chest out. Keep your chest perpendicular to the ground.

When walking, keep your chin parallel to the ground. Your heel should hit the sidewalk first, and then roll onto the toe. Keep stomach and buttocks in line with the rest of the body.

When running, keep your head up and looking forward. Keep your arms loose and elbows at a ninety degree angle. Lean forward slightly, and hit the ground with the midpoint of your foot and roll it forward to the toe.

If you’re still having trouble with back pain after trying these tips, please give our office a call and find out how we can help ease the pain.