Coffee with Coconut Oil

Everyone wants caffeine’s quick morning burst of energy.  Here’s a way to get the biggest bang for the buck… just add coconut oil to your morning Joe — Coconutty Coffee! You’ll hardly notice the change in the taste and it’ll give you a tropical feel to de-stress your morning!

You might be tempted to lump coconut oil together with other saturated fats such as those found in animal fats.  But don’t be so quick!  Unlike those other saturated fats, coconut oil is made up of shorter chains of fatty acids.  These MCT (medium chain tryglyercides) are easier for the body to digest and don’t get deposited in the places other long chain saturated fats (thighs/hips/belly) do.

Here are the four big reasons I drink Coconutty Coffee:

Boosts Metabolism!  So what does this mean for you?  The easily digested saturated fat provides sustained energy! Coconut oil is great not only for athletic performance but also for those of us racing off to work!

Antibacterial!  Coconut oil contains Lauric Acid which has been shown to be both an antibacterial and an antiviral agent.  It’s a great boost to our immune system.  Coconut oil also helps to detoxify the liver!

Sharpens Focus & Feel Full Longer!  Our brain is 60% fat.  So it’s no surprise that our master computer needs good fats to work.  Lauric Acid signals the brain to feel satiated which helps us stop eating!

Prevents Osteoporosis by increasing calcium absorption!  Research has shown consumption of coconut oil can decrease bone loss!

Recipe: You can take up to 2 tablespoons of coconut oil per day.  More than 2 Tbs can cause digestive upset.  But for beginners, simply start by adding a teaspoon of organic coconut oil to your coffee.  I use a frother to blend and give my coffee the ‘crema’! Enjoy!  ~ Dr. Paul