Basics First Chiropractic in Leesburg offers a variety of beneficial wellness classes. Taking care of your spine is not our only job. It is also our responsibility to show YOU how to care for your own spine. In fact these classes will be part of the treatment we recommend.

Workshops on Wellness (WOW)
Come learn the FIVE Tips on Wellness.

Natural Solutions Classes

We use pure essential oils in our practice. We have many uses for them especially in providing us with a natural solution to help relieve muscle soreness without the many adverse side effects of the drugs and medicines we normally use. In this era of rising medical costs and increasing health concerns, we feel it’s time to take our health into our own hands. Please join us for ongoing classes on many health related topics. As always, we’re interested in teaching you the basics when it comes to your health!

Join us to discover natural solutions for:

Life’s little emergencies
Nagging health issues
Living a life of prevention

Please call to find out dates/times for this month’s classes.

Looking for more information on pure essential oils? Contact us now.

Meet/Call Dr. Paul

Meet Dr. Paul at Basics First every Monday between 1 and 3pm. This is a nice way for family and friends to check out the clinic and ask any questions you may have. Can’t stop in? Please call during this time to talk to Dr. Paul.

Spine Sparing Strategies

Learn how to improve posture to reduce spinal pain and stress, utilize Muscle Sticks to relax muscles, manage neck stress and pain with proper pillows, and decrease inflammation and stress.


You’ll learn how to engage your core with movement and advanced techniques of engaging your core. Next you will learn how to keep your core engaged during normal movements. We will also utilize the physioball and the muscle stick! Come have some fun with us… WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK! Call for details 703-777-2532.

Posture 101

Learn why your back pain may be the result of lazy, inactive core muscles and how to awaken and activate them. This class is recommended for all patients. Offered by appointment.

Muscle sticks for stretching the backMuscle Stick

Learn how to work out those nasty knots in muscles which may be contributing to your aching neck and back by yourself! I discuss how to decrease pain through self massage and self trigger point work with a muscle stick. The price of the muscle stick is $40. See a photo of the muscle stick on our Products page. Offered by appointment.