If you desire an overall wellness lifestyle, our wellness team will work with you to create good habits and routines that support your success. Every body is unique and different and therefore everyone requires a unique and customized wellness plan. The foundation of our overall wellness lifestyle is maintaining healthy posture and good spinal alignment, eating a healthy diet, taking supplements, keeping your weight under control and stress relief.

We always strive to find ways to take care of the whole you. We use and recommend products that address the physical and emotional needs of your body.

Basics First Chiropractic in Leesburg offers a variety of beneficial classes. Taking care of your spine is not our only job. It is also our responsibility to show YOU how to care for your own spine. In fact these classes will be part of the treatment we recommend. Our Workshops on Wellness (WOW) is where you can learn the FIVE Tips on Wellness. Natural Solutions Classes are also offered, and cover topics such as the pure essential oils we use in our practice. We have many uses for them especially in providing us with a natural solution without the many adverse side effects of the drugs and medicines we normally use. In this era of rising medical costs and increasing health concerns, we feel it’s time to take our health into our own hands. Please join us for ongoing classes on many health related topics. As always, we’re interested in teaching you the basics when it comes to your health!

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